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Faux Finish

Faux finishes have many uses in today's interiors: they create depth, atmosphere, and are the perfect backdrop for fine furniture and other items. They rival the finest of wall coverings on the market, with the added benefits of no seams, no mold and no messy removal. Ocean Air Art & Design will work closely with you in creating custom colors and designs to compliment or accent your furniture and fabrics. We can give your kitchen or bath that specialty finish to compliment your new cabinetry or tile work.

Be sure to view a wide variety of faux finishes in the "Faux Gallery" below to get a visual idea of what Ocean Air Art & Design can do for you. Click on any image to enlarge.

  • Faux & Decorative Finishes
  • Distressing & Aging
  • Old World Finishes
  • Leather & Organic Textures
  • Faux Stone & Marbling
  • Strie & Striping
  • Color-washing
  • Wood-graining
  • Guild/Gold Leafing
  • All over stencil designs & Damask Patterns
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Faux Finish 1 Faux Finish - Pub Ceiling Faux Finish - Stripes Faux Finish - Brushed Wash Textured Finish - Leather Textured - Frottage

  Faux Finish - Caen Stone Faux Finish - Marbleized Columns Faux Finish 2 Faux Finish - Glazed Gold Wall  

Faux Finish - Stripes Faux Stone TV Faux finishes Faux finishes-harvard-brigantineetc034 Faux Finish Faux Finish

Faux Finish Stencil Corner Faux Finish Faux Finish Faux Finish Faux Finish - entertainment center Faux Finish - Stencil Medallion
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