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Textured Finish

From old world to contemporary, the wide variety of textured finishes we offer can be installed on nearly any surface with gorgeous results. Many of the sophisticated textured finishes offer dramatic to subtle variations in surface textures. From hand-rubbed venetian and decorative plasters to intricate embedded stencils, we guarantee to please with the beauty and warmth achieved with these finishes. Many of these textured finishes offer the benefit of hiding wall imperfections that may be beyond normal repair options.
Be sure to view a wide variety of textured finishes in the "Textured Gallery" below to get a visual idea of what Ocean Air Art & Design can do for you. Click on any image to enlarge.

Some of our Textured Finishes include:
  • Lusterstone a shimmering smooth material.
  • RS Crete - a concretious veneer for walkways, walls, floors, counters etc.
  • Leather & Organic Textures
  • Ovilla Plaster
  • Rough Tex, Plaster Tex, Quartzstone, Venetian Gem, Softex
  • Venetian plasters & hand rubbed finishes
  • Tissue paper
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Textured Finish - Lusterstone Fresco Textured Finish - Ovilla Back Splash Textured Finish - Pallette Deco Textured Finish - Pallette Deco Teal Textured Finish - Marmarino Faux Finish - Desire

Textured - Ovilla Golden Textured - Ovilla greys Textured - Ovilla Lime Faux Finish - Fauxtex Textured Finish - Lusterstone Gold Textured Finish - Lusterstone Gold Closeup

Textured Finish - Lusterstone Blue Textured Finish - Lusterstone Tray Textured Finish - Bar To Leather Textured Finish - Stone corner Textured Finish - Stone Shelf Fauxtex

Fauxtex Grey Ovilla Plaster Over brick Fauxtex3 Luster Stone Strie Ovilla Backsplash

RS Crete Tin Ceiling RS Crete 2 RS Crete 3 RS Crete Hearthstone 2 RS Crete Hearthstone
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